We test tons of gear on our many outdoor adventures throughout the South, and we’ve wrapped our hand-selected, trail-tested favorites into our 2017 Outdoor Gift Guide. We’ve sorted our favorite hiking, backpacking and camping gear and apparel by price and activity, to help you find the perfect outdoor gift – or find some new gear for your own outdoor adventures.

  • Trailful Bear T-Shirt in Clay - top outdoor gift ideas under $25


    Trailful Bear T-Shirt


    It’s the perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer on your list! We printed our colorful bear design on our ultra-soft tri-blend Trailful tee, the softest shirt we’ve ever worn. It’s perfect for hikes, urban adventures, or just chilling around town.

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  • Trailful Classic Dad Hat - top outdoor gift ideas under $25


    Trailful Snapback Trucker Hat


    Our snapback trucker features an embroidered Trailful logo on a six-panel, mid-profile cap, perfect for shading the sun on hikes, trail runs, or around-town adventures. It’s a classic way to wear your love of the mountains, everywhere.

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  • HydraPak Seeker Water Storage - outdoor gift ideas


    HydraPak Seeker Water Storage


    The Seeker Water Storage system lets us keep hydrated with plenty of water for camping and backpacking adventures. The soft-sided construction allows the Seeker to collapse when empty, saving space in our packs and camp duffels. And the durable abrasion resistant material stands up to bumps along the way. The Seeker is available in both 2L and 3L versions.

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  • Smartwool PhD Socks - outdoor gift ideas


    Smartwool PhD Socks


    Smartwool’s PhD socks keep our feet comfortable and on the move, mile after mile. The Merino wool blend helps keep our feet cool and dry. And the seamless toe and Elite Fit system locks the sock securely in place to help prevent blisters and hot spots. Smartwool’s multiple styles, weights, and heights have us covered no matter the adventure.

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  • GU Energy Snacks & Drinks - outdoor gift ideas


    GU Energy Snacks & Drinks


    We’ve been longtime fans of GU and their line of energy, hydration, and recovery products. From pre-workout energy chews to post-workout hydration, GU keeps us moving and feeling great. Each product satisfies specific energy and nutrients needs for sustained activity and performance. And the products not only work great, but they taste great, too! Among our favorites are the Carmel Stroopwafels, Watermelon Energy Chews, and Lemon Lime Hydration Drink Tabs.

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  • Trailful Pine Long Sleeve Shirt - top hiking gift ideas


    Trailful Pine Long Sleeve Shirt


    We feature our classic Southern Pine against a backdrop of rolling Appalachian Mountains, printed on an ultra-soft 100% ring-spun cotton longsleeve shirt. There’s just something about those majestic, lone pines on a view-packed mountain summit… and this shirt is a great way to take those epic hiking memories off trail.

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  • Cotopaxi Del Dia Dopp Kit - camping gift ideas


    Cotopaxi Del Dia Dopp Kit


    The Del Dia Dopp Kit is our favorite way to keep all our travel toiletries neat and organized when we’re out chasing an adventure. The unique bag is part of Cotopaxi’s Del Dia collection and features one of a kind designs. Each bag is created from repurposed nylon and the fabricator is given complete control over the bag’s color combination. We love the Dopp Kit’s simple design, durable construction, and unique, playful style.

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  • Patagonia Provisions organic meals and snacks: hiking, camping and backpacking gift ideas


    Patagonia Provisions


    The Provisions line of delicious packaged meals and snacks are perfect for any adventure, on the trail or at home. Patagonia packs its Provisions with organic grains, fruits, and vegetables, and each meal is full of bold flavors and nutrient-filled ingredients. Delicious menu options include creamy banana hot cereal, black bean soup, savory grains, buffalo jerky, and an outstanding wild-caught salmon. And Patagonia’s pledge to conservation means each ingredient and product is sourced responsibly from farmers and fishermen committed to sustainable environmental practices.

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  • Trailful Southern Pine Women's T Shirt - outdoor gift ideas under $25


    Trailful Women’s Southern Pine T-Shirt


    Wear your love of outdoor adventure, everywhere. Our classic Southern Pine stands on a backdrop of rolling Appalachian Mountains, printed on our ultra-soft, high-quality tri-blend shirt. It’s perfect for on-trail and off-trail adventures – and is truly the softest, comfiest shirt we’ve ever worn.

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  • Coolcore Dr. Cool Cooling Towel - running and hiking gift ideas


    Coolcore Dr. Cool Cooling Towel


    The Coolcore Dr. Cool Cooling Towel lets us continue our favorite outdoor activities even when temperatures soar here in the South. The chemical-free cooling technology lets us apply targeted cooling to anywhere we need it. Simply soak the towel in water, wring it out, then snap it. Just like magic the cooling technology instantly cools the towel providing much needed relief to summer’s swelter.

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  • Kuju Coffee - camping and backpacking gift ideas


    Kuju Coffee


    Morning coffee is a must-have around our campsite, and we’ve tried just about every gadget and press trying to get the best tasting cup. Kuju eliminates the need for fancy equipment. Simply open the individually wrapped packet, hang the filter over the cup, secure with the cardboard tabs, and pour hot water over the grounds. Simple, quick, delicious, and devine.

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  • FITS Ultra Light Running Sock - outdoor gift ideas


    FITS Ultra Light Running Sock


    FITS Ultra Light Running Sock provides a comfortable ride with a minimal amount of fabric between you and your shoe. These no slip socks feature Full Contact Fit which hugs the shape and contour of the foot and eliminates bunching and rubbing. And the Super-fine Merino Wool provides excellent breathability, moisture wicking, and odor resistance.

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  • Cusa Premium Instant Tea - camping gift ideas


    Cusa Premium Instant Tea


    Caffeinated mornings at the campsite are a must for us, and when we’re not in the mood for a strong cup of coffee, we reach for Cusa Tea. Cusa’s delicious varieties of instant tea can be prepared hot or cold, and are the perfect way to energize for an early morning sunrise hike or chill out and relax after a long day of adventure. Each individually packaged serving makes 12 – 14 ounces of tea in seconds, and the packets are easy to toss in a backpack or bag for delicious, refreshing tea on the go.

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  • Tales from Southern Trails book - outdoor gifts under $25


    Tales From Southern Trails


    This book by local Atlanta author Ryan Watkins may be the perfect companion for a rainy weekend when the weather just doesn’t cooperate. Ryan’s first-person narrative of his wanderings through Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina offer an entertaining perspective on some of our favorite Southern places – and we’re looking forward to finishing this book this winter!

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  • Pelican 1810 Keychain Light - outdoor gift ideas


    Pelican 1810 Keychain Light


    It’s great for finding lost gear in the bottom of a bag, night strolls around the campsite – and every day use. The 1810 Keychain Light packs 16 lumens of bright light into a tiny, lightweight flashlight. It’s made from heavy duty aluminum and features a simple twist top to turn the light on and off. We love the flashlight’s easy open clip, which lets us quickly attach or detach the flashlight from a keychain or backpack.

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  • UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit - top camping gift ideas


    UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit


    The UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit provides peace of mind when stormy weather catches up to us on the trail. The kit includes 12 windproof and waterproof matches that each burning for up to 25 seconds. The kit also includes 3 replaceable strike pads and a waterproof case that floats. With the Titan Stormproof Match Kit, we’re able to able to light a fire at the campsite, in pretty much whatever weather Mother Nature chooses to toss our way.

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  • BioLite SiteLight Mini - outdoor gift ideas


    BioLite SiteLight Mini


    We’ve been big fans of the BioLite SiteLights, and love the homey feel they bring to the campsite. The newest addition to the line, SiteLight Mini, provides even more options for illuminating tents, cooking areas, and other spots where task lighting is needed. The SiteLight Mini features four lights on a 10 foot cord and can be daisy-chained with other members of the SiteLight family. Powering up is easy with the ability to use the BioLite PowerLight, BaseLantern XL, or any USB port using the included adapter.

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  • BUFF Multifunctional Headwear - outdoor gift ideas


    BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear


    Sometimes the simplest things can be the best. BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear can be used in 13 different configurations to keep the head, neck and face protected from wicked winter weather, scorching summer sun, or pesky insects. The BUFF Original line keeps us warm and comfortable on cold weather adventures with it’s wicking and windproof fabric, while the BUFF UV and BUFF UV Insect Sheild lines keep us protected from the harsh Southern sun and ever-present pesky insects.


  • Nikwax Footwear DuoPack - top outdoor gift ideas


    Nikwax Footwear DuoPack


    Maintaining our biggest investments is important, so we keep our favorite hiking boots clean and waterfproof with the Nikwax Footwear DuoPack. The pack includes Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel, which safely cleans waterproof leather, and Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof, which adds waterproofing and refreshes breathability to our leather footwear.

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  • LuminAID PackLite Max & Nova - outdoor gift ideas


    LuminAID PackLite Max & Nova


    Lightweight, portable, and solar powered: the inflatable LuminAid PackLite Max and PackLite Nova provide hours of illumination for lighting up the campsite, pool party or backyard BBQ. The larger PackLite Max comes with a USB connection for faster recharging, and both the Max and the Nova feature a strap for hanging from tent hooks and trees. When not in use, both models deflate and pack down for easy storage and travel.

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  • Green Goo Outdoor Travel Pack - outdoor gift ideas


    Green Goo Outdoor Travel Pack


    We’ve been longtime fans of the Green Goo First Aid salve. All of Green Goo’s products are made without artificial ingredients – only all-natural botanicals, herbs, and essential oils. One of our favorite products is the Outdoor Travel Pack which features lip balm, first aid salve, pain relief salve, and insect repellant. It’s the perfect Green Goo starter kit and has become a staple in our camping and hiking bags.

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  • Sven Can See Anti-Fog Gel - skiing gift ideas


    Sven Can See Anti-Fog Gel


    Is there anything more frustrating than goggles and glasses constantly fogging on the trail? The anti-fog gel from Sven Can See helps keep sunglasses, goggles, and visors clear and fog free. The super-convenient pen like applicator makes it easy to stash in a pocket or backpack within easy reach.

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  • GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 - outdoor gift ideas under $25


    GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Microlite 500


    Hot coffee for 8 hours! We’re sold. There’s nothing like an early morning drive to the mountains with a mug of coffee that stays hot for the whole trip. The new GSI Outdoors Microlite 500 provides unbelievable insulation while weighing ⅓ less and being 60% thinner than traditional vacuum bottles.

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  • Wide Mouth Nalgene Bottles - outdoor gift ideas under $25


    Wide Mouth Nalgene Bottles


    Sometimes the simple things are the best. We’ve hiked thousands of miles with our trusty Nalgene bottles and they’ve never disappointed.

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  • Darn Tough Socks - top outdoor gift ideas under $25


    Darn Tough Socks


    Darn Tough socks are nearly indestructible and darn comfortable – and they’re unconditionally guaranteed, for life! Fast drying and wicking merino wool keeps our feet comfy and dry, even on the longest adventures. Sizes, thicknesses and heights are available for just about any type of outdoor activity.

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  • Adventure Medical Fire Lite kit - outdoor gift ideas


    Adventure Medical Fire Lite Kit


    Sometimes nature just doesn’t cooperate and building a fire can be nearly impossible. With the Adventure Medical Fire Lite Kit starting a fire is easy in any weather. The kit includes a firestarter and 20 pieces of Tinder Quick waterproof tinder.

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  • Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack - backpacking gift ideas under $25

    Keep It DRY

    Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack


    Our adventures take us through a range of terrain and weather, so we never leave home without a dry bag or two. The Seat to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack comes in a range of sizes to keep our electronics and gear safe and dry, whether we’re fording rivers, caught in an unexpected downpour or soaking up some sun on our paddleboards.

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  • Good To-Go Meals - top gifts for hikers under $25

    Yum on the run

    Good To-Go Meals


    Mealtime on the trail just got one heck of an upgrade! Good To-Go’s gourmet backpacking meals have changed the way we think about trail food. They’re made by a former Iron Chef (for real!), and they’re super delicious and easy to prepare. Just add boiling water, wait 20 minutes, and you’ll be set for a meal more suited for a sit-down restaurant than a mountain summit. After a full day of backpacking, the Thai Curry is simply incredible.

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  • Sawyer Mini Filter - top gifts for hikers under $25

    Ultralight Water Filtration

    Sawyer Mini Filter


    The Sawyer Mini is the easiest-to-use, lightest and most effective water filter we’ve tested. It lasts longer and outperforms most other backpacking water filters available, and has replaced the heavier pump-style filters in our gear closet.


  • Feetures Elite Merino+ Socks - top running gift ideas

    Superior fit

    Feetures Elite Merino+ Socks


    Feetures socks offer an incredible fit and an incredibly soft wear. Made from a merino wool blend, they’re ultra-breathable in hot weather, don’t slide in our boots or shoes like other socks we’ve worn, and provide great arch support via a soft, ribbed panel. And the merino wool blend wicks moisture to keep our feet dry, and helps keep the socks odor-free. They come in a range of heights and cushioning for multiple sports – and they’re great for everyday wear, too.

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  • Flowfold Trailmate Dog Leash - outdoor gift ideas for dogs

    Trusty trailmate

    Flowfold Trailmate Dog Leash


    We’re huge fans of reclaimed and recycled materials – and when we found out the Trailmate Dog Leash was made from reclaimed scraps of safety rope, we were full-on sold. This sturdy 5’ leash keeps Jake, our adventure pup, securely under control while we’re out chasing adventures.


  • Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl - dog gift ideas for hikers


    Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl


    The all-in-one Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl make staying hydrated on the trail easy. The bowl detaches from the bottom of bottle quickly and easily for a mid-hike water break – and the hard-shell design helps prevent spills.

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  • REI Gift Card

    Let them choose!

    REI Gift Card


    What’s not to love about an REI gift card?! With a huge selection of top outdoor brands, envy-worthy gear and a staff of outdoor-loving experts, it’s like an outdoor gear paradise. Not sure what to gift this year? Let them decide!