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There’s simply no better way to hang out on the trail or at a campsite. Suspended from ENO’s SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks and Atlas straps, relaxing in the great outdoors hits a new high.

After hiking miles to a beautiful waterfall, sun-drenched mountain summit, or the perfect campsite, there’s nothing better than just relaxing and enjoying the view. Add two trees and an ENO SingleNest or ENO DoubleNest hammock, and pretty much anywhere becomes paradise. With an innovative hanging system, these hammocks speed from our backpacks to fully suspended in a matter of minutes, hanging in dappled sunlight under a tree.

ENO SingleNest and ENO DoubleNest Hammocks: our favorite way to hang out on the trail

ENO hammocks redefine relaxation. Reading, relaxing, stargazing or skygazing in these hammocks: relaxation sets in immediately and time seems to slow to a leisurely crawl. They’re crafted by Eagles Nest Outfitters, based in Asheville, NC, one of our favorite southern adventure destinations. They’re light, compact, ultra-portable, and almost always in our backpacks wherever our adventures take us. And, despite their light weight, ours have lasted over hundreds of miles out on the trail and plentiful hang out sessions, without showing a bit of wear. Truthfully, words can’t convey how much we love these hammocks.

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Our ENO SingleNest & DoubleNest review

The company’s two flagship hammocks are available in two sizes: the SingleNest (4′ 7″ wide) is a comfortable cocoon for one person, and the DoubleNest (6′ 2″ wide) is a snug hangout for two or an ultra-roomy space for one. They’re both cocoon-style hammocks, with soft nylon fabric wraps that comfortably wraps around you, hugging you as you suspend mid-air. And though they’re lightweight and breathable, their seams are ruggedly triple-stitched for durability: after scores of hours in these two, we’ve never lost a single stitch.

Our favorite hammocks for hiking & camping: the ENO SingleNest & DoubleNest hammocks with ENO Atlas Suspension systems

Both sizes are lightweight and compact, stuffing into their attached compression stuff sacks to a diameter slightly larger than a softball. Unstuffed, both hammocks unfurl to a length of 9′ 4″, offering plenty of length for some ultra-comfortable suspended enjoyment. Between the two sizes, the weight is similar: the SingleNest weighs in at 16 oz, and the DoubleNest weighs 20 oz.

When they’re hanging, the stuff sack becomes a convenient storage pocket for snacks, a headlamp, a water bottle, or other small gear. And, with some weight in the pocket, we draw the pocket over the hammock to make a cozy cocoon-like nest, protected from insects and trapping in a bit of warmth on chilly nights.

ENO DoubleNest Hammocks: our favorite way to hang out on the trail

Both hammocks come in a dazzling lineup of color combinations. Choosing an ENO is fun: it’s like flavor-choice overload at an ice cream shop. Colors aside, choosing between the two models is a matter of personal choice: the weight of the DoubleNest is slightly heavier, but the extra width is nice even when we’re hanging out alone.

Setup of an ENO hammock is fast: our set-up-to-lounge time is easily under two minutes, even on our maiden rigging. And that includes time to find two suitable trees, thanks to the ultra-adjustable and quick-set Atlas Suspension.

Atlas Suspension System review

The Atlas Suspension System makes hammock setup speedy. ENO’s Atlas straps are sold separately from the hammocks. Each Atlas strap features 15 adjustment points to make tree selection easy, giving flexibility in tree circumference and distance. To rig the hammock, simply wrap an Atlas around two sturdy trees and clip in the hammock at any of those 15 attachment points.

How to hang a hammock: the ENO Atlas Suspension straps make hanging a hammock fast and easy

The straps are ultra-sturdy, despite a light weight of 11 ounces for the pair. According to ENO, the straps support up to 400 pounds. They don’t stretch under weight, and they’re ruggedly crafted: after years of use, they’ve remained fray-free. Finishing out the suspension system, both the SingleNest and DoubleNest are strung with nautical-strength rope and forged carabiners that clip quickly into the Atlas straps.

ENO SingleNest & DoubleNest hammocks: review wrap-up

We’ve found only one drawback to ENO hammocks: once we’re in one, suspended somewhere in an outdoor paradise, we just don’t want to get out. For days after leaving our cocoons, we daydream of lounging in our hammocks, catching relaxation in the setting sun or the day’s first rays. Bottom line: we can’t recommend these hammocks more highly for their comfort, quick set up, durability, and total relaxation.

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