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The LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo is a high-quality, low-cut hiking shoe with outstanding breathability, perfect for the South’s hot weather and rough terrain.

The South’s legendary heat and humidity can make finding a comfortable pair of summertime hiking boots a challenge. Most full leather or synthetic boots keep our feet too warm, with extra insulation and waterproofing layers. But the split leather and 3D mesh upper of this low-cut hiking boot from LOWA shed the heat on the hottest summer days – keeping our feet cool and comfortable, even on longer hikes. Paired with excellent traction underfoot and a cushy midsole, the Phoenix Mesh Lo keeps us on the move no matter the terrain.

Our favorite hiking boots for warm-weather hikes: our LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo hiking shoe review

Our LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo review

The Phoenix Mesh Lo has joined us on numerous hiking adventures during our steamy Southern summer months. From climbing the rocky summit of Hawksbill Mountain to crossing the sun-soaked expanses of Black Balsam Knob, this capable and breathable hiking shoe has kept our feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

The LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo is one of our favorite hiking shoes for warm-weather hikes, featuring plenty of traction and breathability. Our trail-tested review.

From the first wear, the shoes were instantly comfortable, needing virtually no break-in time. And paired with our favorite Feetures Elite Merino+ socks, we’ve been happily blister-free. Constructed of split leather and 3D mesh, the Phoenix’s upper provides excellent ventilation and breathability. The removable insole also features mesh construction and a wicking material, helping to pull moisture away from our feet.

We’ve been super impressed with the way the shoe breathes and wicks. Even in the middle of the summer with temperatures climbing into the 90s, the shoe easily sheds excess heat, keeping our feet surprisingly cool.

The LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo is one of our favorite hiking shoes, featuring fantastic breathability for warm-weather hikes, and loads of grippy traction

The fit of the Phoenix is comfortable and secure, thanks to a lacing system with fabric loops that cinch the shoe snugly around our feet. The laces can also be woven through the amply-padded tongue, helping to keep the tongue in place for an extra-secure fit. There’s nothing more annoying than laces that continuously come untied – and we’ve found that once tied, these laces simply stay put.

The LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo is one of our favorite women's hiking boots for warm-weather hikes, thanks to the boot's fantastic breathability

Underneath, the LOWA Approach Lite sole provides excellent traction and control on a range of trail conditions. From dry, loose dirt to rocky, boulder-strewn trails, the boot keeps us in control and sure-footed. Designed with a climbing style toe, the Approach Lite sole gives us an extra good grip when scrambling over large rocks and boulders, even when we only have part of the toe in contact with the rock. And abrasion guards reinforce the toe box, protecting sensitive areas from rocks, roots and rough trails.

Our LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo hiking boot review: this low-cut hiking shoe offers fantastic traction and breathability

Inside, the Phoenix features a dual density midsole that provides awesome comfort and shock absorption – a welcome feature on long trail days. The firm midsole keeps our feet protected from rocks and trail debris, and even with a moderate pack load, our feet remain comfortable on all-day adventures.

LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo review wrap-up

After miles on the trail, we’ve totally fallen in love with the LOWA Phoenix Mesh Lo. The awesome traction, comfortable ride and fit, and superior ventilation make it a top choice for warm-weather adventures.

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