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LOWA boots have long been our trusted choice of hiking footwear for adventures in the South. We compare our long-time favorite, the Renegade GTX, with some of their newest hiking and trekking boot styles, the Innox GTX Mid, Sesto GTX Mid, and Irox GTX Mid.

Our LOWA Renegade boots have carried us hundreds of miles over all types of terrain and through all types of weather. They’ve been our trusted companions from rugged mountain peaks to sandy, windswept sea shores, and pretty much everywhere in between. Over the past year, we’ve been hitting the trail in three new pairs of LOWA boots, the Innox GTX Mid, the Sesto GTX Mid, and the Irox GTX Mid, to see how they stack up to the Renegade, our trail-tested favorite that has earned a top spot in our boot collection.

Our all-time favorite LOWA boots for hiking and trekking: the Renegade GTX Mid, Innox GTX Mid, Sesto GTX Mid, and Irox GTX Mid, comparedThe LOWA Irox Mid is an outstanding trekking boot that can tackle just about any terrain, with a grippy outsole and a fully waterproof GORE-TEX lining

We’ve spent hundreds of miles of adventures in each pair, over varied terrain and through multiple seasons. And while we’re not about to ditch our all-time favorite, the Renegade, these three hiking and trekking boots score exceptionally high for their technical performance and fit. Here are our reviews on all four of these fully trail-worthy, GORE-TEX equipped waterproof boots:

Renegade GTX Mid hiking boot

LOWA’s most popular boot, the Renegade GTX Mid, delivers solid traction and excellent stability while remaining comfortable on high mileage days on the trail.

LOWA Renegade GTX Mid: solid traction and excellent stability make this one of our all-time favorite hiking boots

The Renegade GTX Mid was our first experience with the brand (read our full Renegade GTX review for more details) and kicked off our love of LOWA boots. Right out of the box, the Renegade was comfortable and offered ample support, control, and flexibility from the first wear. The footbed provides great shock absorption and protection from rough terrain. And the DuraPU midsole with MONOWRAP frame construction and a full-length shank provide excellent stability on steep inclines and descents. The Vibram Evo outsole provides grippy traction over rocks, roots, and loosely packed trail.

The boot’s water-repellent leather upper and seamless GORE-TEX lining create a formidable barrier against outside wetness while still allowing the boot to breathe, keeping our feet dry from inside as well. The padded upper also provides great ankle support and protection when squeezing through tight spots or scrambling over rocky terrain. And the gusseted tongue provides excellent protection from dirt and trail grit making its way into the boot, which can be annoying when trying to keep pace on the trail.

The Renegade GTX has been our go-to for high mileage days during the cooler seasons here in the South. The boot’s ample insulation provides plenty of warmth for cold weather adventures, but can get a little warm during our sweltering summer months.


The Renegade GTX is a great boot for short-treks, long-haul day hikes, or weekend backpacking trips. The boot remains comfortable and stable with moderate pack loads and offers plenty of ankle support. The boots durable, waterproof upper also provides good overall foot protection from rocks and rough terrain.

Innox GTX Mid hiking boot

The LOWA Innox GTX hiking boot is a great light-duty hiker that combines light weight, a comfortable fit, and solid traction in a waterproof boot.

LOWA Innox GTX Mid hiking boot review: we love the solid performance from this fully waterproof mid-hike boot, perfect for lighter days on the trail and warmer weather

The LOWA Innox GTX Mid hiking boot is a solid performer for light-duty trail days, and fills the void between a hiking shoe and heavy duty hiking boot nicely. The footbed of the Innox features a 3/4 length shank with a PU injected midsole and MONOWRAP frame construction, offering medium stabilization and moderate cushioning from rocks and roots found on the trail. And the NXT outsole provides excellent traction and stability on multiple surfaces, keeping us firmly planted on the ground.

A synthetic upper gives the Innox the ankle support of a heavier hiking boot, and the breathable GORE-TEX lining keeps our feet dry when crossing creeks or encountering wet weather. With light to moderate pack loads, we’ve found the Innox to be comfortable, supportive and stable. Overall, the boot features slightly less padding through the foot and ankle than the other LOWA boots tested, but still provides adequate protection from everyday obstacles on the trail.

As we’ve found with other GORE-TEX lined boots they run a bit warm, but not excessively so. We’ve worn the Innox during warm weather adventures as well as wintertime treks, and the boot remains comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.


The Innox GTX Mid hiking boot is our pick for a lightweight, waterproof boot that packs comfort, stability, and support on the trail. We love this boot for fast paced treks and for adventures that don’t require the bulk and foot and ankle protection of a heavy duty hiker.

Sesto GTX Mid hiking boot

The Sesto GTX Mid is a true all-around hiking boot, perfect for a range of trail conditions and terrain with a waterproof lining, solid foot protection, and slim profile.

Our all-time favorite waterproof hiking boots: the LOWA Sesto GTX Mid delivers fantastic, stable on-trail comfort

The LOWA Sesto GTX Mid is a great boot for just about any adventure, from short day hikes to multi-day backpacking trip. The boot is comfortable and stable with moderate pack loads, thanks to the DuraPU midsole and full-length stabilizer shank. The footbed is solid and provides excellent shock absorption and protection from rocky terrain under foot. And the Multicross Evo outsole powers over wet, muddy trail, keeping us sure footed and on the move.

The combination leather and fabric upper features a waterproof GORE TEX lining which keeps our feet dry when splashing through creeks and stream or trekking through highly vegetated trails. The MONOWRAP frame construction provides excellent support for the foot and ankle and the amply padded upper offers solid ankle protection from boulders and other trail hazards. Even though adequately padded, the Sesto’s profile is on the narrow side and easily slips through tight spaces.

The boots GORE TEX lining and insulation keep the Sesto plenty warm in the winter months. The split leather and fabric upper, in our experience, seems to breath easier than other boots with full leather construction.


The Sesto GTX is a solid boot that performs admirably across a broad range of terrain and trail conditions. The boot wears comfortably on easy day hikes and multi-day backcountry treks alike, providing dependable control and support.

Irox GTX Mid trekking boot

The LOWA Irox GTX Mid is a high-performance trekking boot that offers amazing support and stability with heavy pack loads, and excellent protection from the roughest trail terrain.

Our favorite trekking boots: the LOWA Irox Mid is an outstanding hiking boot that can tackle just about any terrain, with a grippy outsole and a fully waterproof GORE-TEX lining

By far the heaviest-duty LOWA boot we’ve tested, the Irox GTX Mid is definitely the tank of our boot closet, and we’ve yet to meet terrain it can’t tackle. The footbed of the Irox is extremely firm and provides excellent protection from rocky terrain under foot. The full length stabilizing shank and DuraPU midsole give the boot solid stability even when carrying a moderate to heavy pack loads. And underneath the Elika outsole provides grippy traction that keeps us sure footed on steep, wet, rocky terrain.

The durable, abrasion resistant, synthetic upper features a waterproof GORE-TEX lining for defense against stream crossings, wet weather, and snow, while remaining surprisingly breathable in warmer temperatures. The Irox provides excellent foot and ankle support and the rigid upper provides ample ankle protection when scrambling over rocks or through tight trail conditions. And a rubber wrapped, reinforced heel and toe provide an extra safeguard for injury prone areas of the foot.

The fit of the Irox is stiff at first, and requires some break-in time before becoming comfortable. We found around ten miles break-in necessary to loosen up the boots synthetic body enough to get a comfortable wear. We also found the insoles to be a little stiff for our liking and swapped them out for a replacement insole.

The profile is remarkably sleek for such a heavy duty boot, and it feels nimble on the trail. While the boot weighs slightly more than our other LOWAs (understandable given its increased performance capabilities) the Irox doesn’t slow the pace or feel cumbersome on high mileage treks.


The Irox GTX Mid is a very capable trekking boot, providing solid support and ample protection from rough trails. The Irox is ideal for hiking and backpacking trips that require boulder scrambles or trekking over rocky uneven trails, where sturdy support and foot and ankle protection are necessary.

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