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The LOWA Aerox GTX Lo Surround is a hiking shoe with excellent traction and unbelievable breathability. It’s an excellent all-around waterproof trail shoe, perfect for the South’s warm climate and varied terrain.

We’ve loved trekking throughout the South this season in the Aerox GTX Lo Surround, and have loved the comfortable, stable, traction-packed ride it provides. The shoe’s ultra-breathable and fully waterproof GTX SURROUND lining pulls moisture away from our feet and creates a waterproof barrier to outside moisture. Paired with a super grippy outsole, supportive synthetic upper, and cushy midsole, the Aerox has carried us over the boulder-strewn Appalachian Trail to Blood Mountain, waterfall-filled canyons at Cloudland Canyon State Park, and everywhere in between.

Our favorite hiking boots: our trail-tested LOWA Aerox GTX Lo Surround review

LOWA Aerox GTX Lo Surround: our trail-tested review

LOWA boots always deliver comfort and performance right out of the box, one of our favorite features of this well-loved hiking boot brand. The Aerox GTX Lo Surround is no exception. On the first wear, the shoe felt fully broken in, with no pinch points or hot spots. And paired with a quality sock, like the FITS Light Hiker, we’ve experienced all-day comfort in the shoe, no matter the mileage or terrain.

Our favorite hiking shoes: the LOWA Aerox GTX Lo features Gore-Tex Surround technology that keeps moisture from our feet, outside and from within

Constructed of a microfiber and synthetic knit material with a MONOWRAP frame, the shoe’s upper provides a comfortable and supportive fit on our foot. The Speed Lace lacing hardware is quick and easy to use, and makes minor on-trail adjustments a cinch, keeping us securely in the shoe and on the move.

Our favorite warm-weather hiking shoes: LOWA Aerox GTX Lo Surround features a waterproof GTX lining, new Surround technology to move moisture away from the foot, and an ultra-grippy outsole

Inside, the Aerox features a GORE-TEX SURROUND lining which provides 360 degrees of waterproof protection and exceptional breathability. Ventilation channels are built into the midsole of the shoe, allowing heat and moisture to vent from all around our foot. Unlike other hikers that rely on ventilation from the top portion of the upper only, the Aerox’s unique design actively pulls heat and moisture away from out foot with a pump-like action as we walk. We’ve been ultra-impressed with how well the shoe has kept our feet dry and cool even during the hottest summer weather here in the South.

On the trail, the Aerox feels agile and nimble with plenty of flexibility for an easy stride. The shoe’s slim profile and light weight let us keep up the pace on high mileage trail days without feeling bogged down with extra bulk.

Our favorite low-cut hiking boots: our LOWA Aerox GTX Lo Surround hiking shoe review

Underneath, the grippy sole provides excellent traction over a range of trail conditions. The traction-packed sole powers over rocky, boulder-strewn trails, sand, gravel, and loosely-packed dirt effortlessly while keeping us stable and in control. And the double injection DynaPU midsole offers ample protection from rocks, roots, and obstacles we find along the way.

LOWA Aerox GTX Lo Surround review wrap up

We found the Aerox to be a very capable, all-around hiker with a grippy outsole, comfortable ride, and outstanding breathability and ventilation. The innovative GORE-TEX SURROUND technology keeps our feet dry from both inside and out, keeping us dry and cool on our adventures, even during the warmest summer weather here in the South.

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