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We fuel our pup on hiking and camping adventures with TurboPUP, a trail-friendly meal replacement bar for dogs. They’re grain-free, American made & sourced from human-quality ingredients. And our Jake loves them!

Jake is part Labrador Retriever, part Boxer, and a 100% purebred adventure dog. He’s a one-year-old bundle of energy and loves a great hike: if we so much as glance at our backpacks, he’s ready to hit the trail. And keeping him fueled up on the trail is a challenge. Jake’s appetite is seemingly endless off-trail, but it really rallies when we’re on the trail. And for a good reason: he covers some serious distance on our adventures. TurboPup bars keep him full and energized on the trail: he loves the taste, and we love the convenient, wrapped bars that are as easy to feed as eating a granola bar.

TurboPUP dog energy bars: our favorite dog meal replacement and snack for hiking and camping adventures

Jake became our best friend by way of the Atlanta Dog Squad, and he’s quickly become our favorite hiking buddy. When we’re on the trail, our days range from one to twenty miles on day hikes and backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia and some of the best hikes near Asheville. And while he certainly works up an appetite, TurboPup seems to deliver a taste he craves, while offering the simple convenience of just throwing a few bars in our backpacks before an adventure.

Our TurboPUP review

TurboPUP bars are available in two (evidently) equally delicious flavors, bacon and peanut butter. The bars are individually wrapped in single servings or double bar packages, perfect for a wide range of dog sizes and appetites. They’re made from American-sourced, human-grade ingredients and baked in the USA by an awesome veteran-owned company. TurboPUP bars are also 100% grain free. The lack of grain is great for Jake’s sensitive stomach and, like his daily dog food, helps reduce his allergies.

TurboPUP is a trail energy bar for dogs, and makes a great meal replacement when we're hiking and camping

And, equally important: TurboPUP bars are apparently delicious. Jake is a huge fan of food and treats – but there’s something about TurboPUP bars that grab Jake’s attention. He really devours them on the trail and enthusiastically begs for more.

TurboPUP bars are individually wrapped and easy to feed, on trail and off. The bars are scored before they’re baked, so they’re easily broken into bite-sized pieces. They’re ultra-convenient: they pack easily into our backpacks, or Jake’s Ruffwear Singletrak backpack (check out our Ruffwear dog backpack review for more details). And the their lightweight, thin profile doesn’t bulk up like loose kibble.

TurboPUP trail bars for dogs are sourced from human-grade ingredients and were featured on Shark Tank

TurboPUP bars are also easy to stash in a bear canister at campsites in bear country, and unlike kibble packed in zip lock bags, the bars don’t accidentally open and mix with our food.


For an on-trail snack, we grab a few bars to hold Jake over until dinner. As an on-trail meal replacement on high-mileage days, Jake fuels up with three bars for breakfast and three bars at night. Each baked bar weighs 2.2 ounces, and is packed with 250 kCal and adds Omega-3s, vitamins, and nutrients to keep our pup fueled for adventure.

TurboPup trail bars for dogs: review wrap-up

Jake’s one-word review: YUM.

So where can I find them?

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