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The Ruffwear Bivy Bowl is lightweight, dries fast, and packs small. It’s our favorite collapsible dog dish when we’re hiking, camping, and backpacking with our trail pup.

Jake is our Labrador Retriever pup, and he’s got seemingly unlimited energy. He’s a huge fan of hiking and running: at the touch of any hiking or camping gear, Jake will bound around the house, gleeful, ready to hit the trail. He’s been our companion on just about all of our favorite hikes and backpacking adventures in the Georgia. Keeping him hydrated on a hike or run is essential, especially in the hot and humid South, so we always carry extra water and a collapsible dog bowl for easy water breaks on our adventures.

Our favorite collapsible dog bowl for hiking and camping adventures: the Ruffwear Bivy Bowl

As a growing pup, Jake is fairly hard on his dog gear: he frayed through his first leash in less than two months. We’ve since upgraded almost all of our dog gear to Ruffwear: it’s some of the highest quality, durable and thoughtfully designed dog gear that we’ve found. Jake has been sporting Ruffwear’s Top Rope Collar and Slackline Leash for years, and loves wearing the low-profile Ruffwear Singletrak Hydration Pack on backpacking trips.

So when our old collapsible dog dish started leaking, we upgraded to the Ruffwear Bivy Bowl. It’s an ultralight dish that collapses down to take minimal space in our packs. And it’s durable, too: after several years of use, it’s holding strong, and keeping Jake hydrated on our adventures throughout the South.

Our favorite collapsible dog dish

Like our other Ruffwear products, this dish is thoughtfully designed for outdoor use. It’s adventure-friendly, weighing just under 3 ounces, but when it’s full, it holds a generous 1.8L of water – plenty for a sloshy drink on the trail.

The Ruffwear Bivy collapsible dog dish is perfect for hiking, and features a hang loop that makes clipping to a backpack easy

The Bivy Bowl’s design is simple but useful: its single-wall construction helps prevent leaks with welded seams, and the bowl collapses down to a minimal size for stuffing into a pack. The bowl’s tough fabric repels water, so clean up after a water break is fast and easy: we simply give the bowl a shake. And for easy access, we keep the bowl attached to our backpack with a carabiner clip, attached to bowl’s hang loop. Or, if Jake is hiking in his Singletrak dog backpack, the bowl stashes easily in one of the pack’s four zippered pockets.

Ruffwear Bivy Bowl: review wrap-up

Hydration is important on the trail, for hikers on two feet and four. The Bivy Bowl is a great, lightweight dog dish that’s trail-friendly and durable. Based on several years of heavy use, and hundreds of miles on the trail, we fully recommend this collapsible dish.

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