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Lightweight, roomy, and packed with features, the Sierra Designs Divine Light 2 FL backpacking tent offers plenty of space for two campers, plenty of gear storage, roomy headroom, and an outstanding three-door design. Our trail-tested review.

The innovative design of the Divine Light 2 FL backpacking tent features an enormously generous interior space with a light weight. It’s perfect for a group of two, and also features plenty of covered storage for packs and gear.

This non-freestanding tent weighs in at just under 4 pounds, while offering 29 sq. ft. of floor space, a 10 sq. ft. vestibule, and a ceiling height of just over 45″. (And a few more ounces can be shaved off if the tent’s vertical poles are left behind and trekking poles used instead.) Outstanding features such as three enormous doors, interior mesh pockets, and Night Glow (an inside lantern system) make the Divine Light 2 FL a comfy retreat in the backcountry.

Our favorite backpacking tents: the Sierra Designs Devine Light 2 FL is lightweight, ultra roomy, and comfortably sleeps two

Sierra Designs tents: our Divine Light 2 FL review

The unique shape and innovative design set the Sierra Designs Divine Light 2 FL apart from other lightweight backpacking tents we’ve used in the past. The Divine Light’s vertical sidewalls flare slightly at the top creating a ceiling that’s wider than the floor, giving the tent tons of head and shoulder space. And with a ceiling height of over 45” the Divine Light allows us to sit upright with headroom to spare.

Our favorite backpacking tents: the Sierra Designs Devine Light features three large doors and fantastic headroom in a lightweight, two-person tent

The body and attached rain fly are constructed from durable, waterproof, ripstop nylon and breathable mesh. Three huge doors allow for easy exit and entry and provide excellent ventilation, with zippered panels that can be rolled back to let in the breeze, and mesh screens to amplify ventilation while keeping insects at bay. The tent’s three doors are one of our favorite features: the tent feels roomy, airy, breezy, and very open, despite its relatively small footprint.

Sierra Designs Devine Light 2 FL backpacking tent review: light weight and exceptional comfort blend to make this fantastic, two-person, three-door tent

Another of our favorite features is the huge vestibule at the head of the tent, which easily holds gear for two backpackers. It’s perfect for storing boots, packs, and gear within easy reach and protected from wet weather. The innovative design of the Divine Light allows the vestibule to be set up in three different configurations: completely closed for maximum weather protection, completely open for full ventilation, or staked on trekking poles to create a large awning in front of the tent. Staked on trekking poles, the vestibule is a great spot to hang out in case of a misty rain, or to escape into some shade on a sun-drenched mountaintop. And it’s our favorite spot to catch a sunrise on a dewy mountain morning.

Inside, the Divine Light features two mesh pockets for storing phones, headlamps, and other small gear. The tent also features Night Glow, a semi-transparent pouch that’s strung from the tent’s ceiling. Adding a headlamp inside the Night Glow turns it into a beautifully diffused in-tent lantern.

Our favorite two-person backpacking tents: the Sierra Designs Devine Light is lightweight and roomy, featuring fantastic headroom, a large vestibule for gear storage, and an outstanding three doors

Sierra Designs also offers the Divine Light 1 FL, a smaller version for solo backpackers.

Set up is fairly straightforward if familiar with non-freestanding tents. If you’re not familiar with non-freestanding tents, we’d recommend a practice pitch or two before heading out onto the trail. Non-freestanding tents save weight by eliminating most of the heavy poles that create the frame of free-standing tents. Instead, they rely on stakes and guy lines to keep them upright. Pitching instructions are included in the Divine Light’s packaging – and after setting it up once, we found it to be a cinch.

We always take some time after our camping and backpacking adventures to make sure our gear is properly cleaned and maintained. Check out our outdoor gear cleaning guide for tips on keeping tents, sleeping bags, and other gear clean and maintained.

Sierra Designs Divine Light 2 FL review wrap-up

The Divine Light 2 FL offers a lightweight and spacious backcountry shelter with plenty of room for two adults. The tent features ample storage in its large vestibule for packs, boots, and gear. Add in roomy headroom and the uncommon feature of three large doors, and this two-person tent has quickly risen to the top of our list of our favorite backpacking tents for our Southern adventures.

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