There’s nothing like a hot cup of French press coffee at the campsite. GSI Outdoors delivers a lightweight, compact and super packable duo for brewing hot drinks on the go with the Commuter Javapress and Infinity Backpacker Mug.

No chilly morning sunrise is complete without a steaming cup of strong coffee. And thanks to GSI Outdoors, the process of getting that first cup just got faster and easier. We’ve been using the Commuter Javapress and Infinity Backpacker Mug on our camping and backpacking adventures throughout the South. And we’ve downright loved the fresh-pressed flavor and convenience that this duo offers: they’ve become a staple on our backpacking gear list. Our morning campsite cup of joe just got one heck of a major upgrade.

GSI Commuter Javapress: our trail-tested review

This brilliant little invention combines a French press and insulated travel mug and rolls it all into one portable coffee brewing system. The Javapress is constructed with heavy duty, durable plastic and features a lid with tight fitting rubber gaskets, helping prevent leaks and spills. The exterior is wrapped in a removable, insulated sleeve keeping hot drinks warm while enjoying an early morning sunrise. The press also features a rubber, non-slip foot that helps keep it steady on slippery surfaces.

GSI Outdoors Javapress: fresh French pressed coffee at the backpacking campsite, our trail-tested review

The Javapress is super easy to use. Just load ground coffee in the bottom of the outer container, pour in hot water and let it brew. Then slide in the inner container with the mesh screen, pressing the grounds to the bottom. Done! Hot, freshly brewed coffee – and no messy grounds.

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And boiling water at the campsite is fast and easy, thanks to our GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset, which we pack on all of our backpacking adventures. The set’s 1.4 liter cook pot is perfect for boiling water, and our GSI Outdoors Pinnacle 4 Season Stove and a mini fuel canister stash easily inside. The set is nested in a vinyl, waterproof bag which doubles as a camp sink, making cleanup easy.

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

This insulated mug makes a great companion to the Javapress and lets us share our morning brew with a friend. It’s made out of the same heavy duty plastic as the Javapress with a similar lid, tight fitting rubber gaskets, and an insulated sleeve. The Inifinity Backpacker Mug also features a collapsible handle that helps keep it securely in hand.

Top backpacking mugs: the GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug is insulated, lightweight, and perfect for a morning cup of coffee at the campsite

This French press and mug duo is ultra lightweight, which makes it our top choice for our our favorite backpacking adventures in Georgia. But it’s equally great at the campsite, and the insulated sleeves help keep our brew piping hot on chilly winter mornings. This pair is a great value, too – and equally useful for a quick French press at the office, on a commute, or just about anywhere we have access to boiling water.

Javapress & Backpacker Mug: review wrap-up

This duo provides a convenient, travel-friendly way to enjoy your favorite hot drinks at the campsite or when we’re out chasing an adventure. Their lightweight, compact size make them an easy to fit in just about any backpack or camping bag. And French pressed coffee at the campsite just makes our day that much better.

So where can I find them?

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