It’s one of our new favorite sleep systems for camp. The Big Agnes Wiley SL 30 sleeping bag and Insulated Air Core sleeping pad deliver maximum comfort, high-performance insulation, and great integration for a perfect night at the campsite under the stars.

Without quality sleeping gear, a restful night sleep on the trail can be difficult to score. Thin, uncomfortable sleeping pads and ill-fitting sleeping bags can lead to restless nights and groggy mornings. But bad sleep be gone: this season, we’ve been loving the fantastic sleep offered by Big Agnes, including the Wiley SL 30 and Insulated Air Core Ultra.

Our favorite campsite sleep: Big Agnes Wiley SL 30 sleeping bag and Insulated Air Core Ultra sleeping pad review

This sleeping bag and sleeping pad integrate perfectly, thanks to the integrated pad sleeve on the bottom of the bag. This integration helps prevent the bag from shifting on the pad at night, ensuring great sleep, even when we’re tossing and turning. And with the bag’s water-repellant down fill and generously-sized foot box, and the pad’s high-volume one-way fill valve, we’re set up and sleeping tight in no time, whether we’re at a campsite at one our favorite Georgia State Parks or backpacking to a remote summit on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. This is one fantastic combo that has quickly won over our editor Eric, who claims this duo offers the best sleep he’s had at a campsite, ever.

Big Agnes Wiley SL 30 sleeping bag review

The Wiley SL 30 has quickly earned a top spot on our list of favorite sleeping bags for camping and backpacking. Weighing only 1lb 12oz, and compressing down to an impressive 5×7 inches, the Wiley is perfectly designed for backpacking adventures, yet provides plenty of luxurious comfort for car camping trips as well.

This mummy style bag’s exterior is wrapped in durable, rip-stop nylon with an added water repellant coating, and the interior is lined with ultra-soft taffeta nylon. Inside, the bag is filled with 650-fill DownTek insulation. DownTek is a responsibly sourced down that’s treated to repel water; moisture is down’s downfall, and can cause it to clump together, losing its warm-delivering loft. In the South’s rainy, wet seasons, DownTek delivers performance on par with synthetic insulation, with all of the lofty comfort of down: a winning combination.

The Big Agnes Wiley SL 30 sleeping bag is filled with treated DownTek down, and delivers an ultra-comfortable sleep in temps down to 30 degrees

One of our favorite features of this bag is the detachable sleeping pad sleeve. The sleeve lets us securely attach the bag to our pad, keeping us comfortably cushioned all night long, and the sleeve doubles as a stuff sack for storing the sleeping bag in our backpacks on the trail.

Top sleeping bag reviews: the Big Agnes Wiley SL 30 sleeping bag features a pad sleeve, keeping it securely attached to a sleeping pad for an ultra-comfortable sleep

The bag’s interior is comfortable and quite spacious. The vertical walls of the bag feature contoured baffles that help retain body heat, and an oversized foot box gives us plenty of room to move around during the night. The fitted hood features a quick-use cinch cord that allows for tightening or loosening the hood with just one hand. And interior loops let us securely and quickly attach a sleeping bag liner, which adds a bit of extra warmth and helps make cleaning easy.

The bag is rated for temperatures above 30 degrees, and an oversized draft collar and draft-proof zippers keep us toasty warm chilly nights in the mountains. The 30-degree rating is our go-to for adventures in the South: it’s ample insulation for most of our year-round adventures, and easily supplemented with a thermal liner for extra chilly nights.

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra sleeping pad review

The Insulated Air Core Ultra is one of the most comfortable sleeping pads we’ve tested. Lightweight and compact, it’s easily stashed in our backpacks, or packed with our car camping gear. Fast fill, comfy high-loft insulation, and a no-noise nylon shell help ensure that we’re ready for bed and sleeping comfortably in no time.

Our favorite sleeping combo for a fantastic night's sleep at the campsite: our Big Agnes Wiley SL 30 sleeping bag and Insulated Air Core Ultra sleeping pad review

Thanks to the pad’s high volume one-way valve, inflation is a breeze. Unlike most pads, the one-way valve helps prevent losing half the air each time you surface to take a breath. And the large, high-volume valve lets us inflate the pad in shockingly short time: inflation is fast and efficient. Deflating the pad is equally quick and easy: open the release, roll up the pad, and we’re on our way in no time.

Our favorite camping sleeping pad: the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra features high-loft insulation and a quick-fill one-way valve for fast set up and an incredibly comfortable sleep

The pad features an insulated top and bottom, adding warmth and comfort during cold weather adventures. The pad is rated for temperatures above 15 degrees, which perfectly covers just about all year here in the South. It’s constructed of double rip-stop nylon for extra durability and features larger air chambers on the sides to keep us centered on the pad. Combined with the Wiley SL’s pad sleeve, this pad has consistently delivered a warm, toasty, stable sleep, and has easily outperformed every other pad in our overflowing gear closets.

Sleeping bag and sleeping pad care

Proper cleaning and maintenance are important, keeping our sleeping gear warm, lofty, and performing as it should. Check out our outdoor gear cleaning guide to learn how we keep our favorite outdoor gear clean and maintained.

Big Agnes Wiley SL 30 & Insulated Air Core Ultra: review wrap-up

This sleeping bag and sleeping pad deliver a warm, comfortable sleep unlike any other we’ve had the pleasure of testing, and have us drifting off to dreamland in no time. The Wiley SL 30 and Insulated Air Core Ultra score a top place on our list whenever we’re adventuring under the stars, whether it’s on a remote mountain summit or crowded state park campsite. Thanks, Big Agnes, for the ultra-sweet dreams.

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