Backpacking Gear

There's nothing quite like a night (or a few!) under the stars. We've packed our favorite, trail-tested backpacking gear on hundreds of miles of adventures throughout the South. Our favorite tents, backpacks, meals, and more.

Backpacking gear reviews: our favorite, trail-tested tents, backpacks, gear and food

While we’re huge fans of a great day hike, there’s just something about a great backpacking adventure that makes the journey all the more worthwhile. There’s nothing like sleeping in the quiet of the wilderness under the blanket of abundant stars after a full day of hiking. And there’s pure magic in waking up in the middle of nature to a beautiful sunrise, and watching the world come alive while sipping a great cup of coffee on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. And while a great adventure can be had with the simplest gear, we’re big believers in the philosophy that great backpacking gear can go a long way to enhance the journey.

We’ve tested our favorite gear, boots, and accessories over hundreds of miles on our adventures throughout the South. Our favorite gear has stood up to some seriously rugged use and has kept us warm, dry, and happy on our many adventures. Our detailed gear reviews feature details on our favorite gear, and our backpacking gear list highlights the gear that we pack on nearly every adventure. Or check out our backpacking gift guide for some great outdoor gift ideas and our outdoor apparel reviews for our favorite layering options for the South.

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