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Elevate your camping and backpacking experience with Patagonia’s new line of organic food. It’s trail-friendly, campsite-friendly, and ultra-delicious. Our review of our favorite breakfasts, dinners, salmon, and fruit bars from Patagonia Provisions.

Patagonia has delivered top-notch outdoor apparel and gear for over four decades, with great attention to detail, design, and performance. And the company backs its thoughtfully-crafted products with a remarkable conservation mission, too. Their sustainability efforts, combined with thoughtful design, results in outdoor products that we just can’t help but love, including our favorite wear-it-everywhere puffy, the Nano Puff (check out our trail-tested Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket review for the details).

Simply delicious camping meals from Patagonia Provisions: our review of Patagonia's new, ultra-delicious organic line of food

Recently they’ve launched a new food line called Patagonia Provisions. And in keeping with their conservation mission, their food is made of organic ingredients and comes from farmers and fishermen who are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. And the meals are downright delicious – so much so that we find ourselves craving them even when we’re not out chasing an adventure (especially the Wild Salmon and Savory Greens, Green Kale + Kamut).

Patagonia Provisions: organic, campsite and trail-friendly food that's ultra tasty and easy to prepare

If you tend to order take-out more than cook at home, fear not: these meals are really easy to prepare. Most of them require just boiling water, stirring in the package contents, returning the water to a boil, and then covering and patiently waiting. Trust us, waiting is probably the hardest part. As the smells start wafting up from over our camp stove, our mouths water in anticipation. They’re seriously fragrant, and seriously delicious, too, with fantastic texture and flavor that rivals restaurant fare. Here are a few of our standout favorites:

Patagonia Provisions: dinner-worthy meals


On a recent camper camping trip in Pisgah National Forest, we tried the Black Bean Soup with Chipotle + Corn. It’s vegan and gluten free, and true to the package, it took about ten minutes to make this bean, veggie and spice dish, a bowlful of rich complex flavors and textures. We prepared it just as packaged, and didn’t think it lacked a single thing! We plan on getting camping-fancy next time, though, by adding a little avocado, cheese and sour cream for even more yum.

Major yum: Patagonia Provisions Black Bean Soup is filled with organic flavor, and is quick and easy to make on the trail or at the campsite


After having such a positive experience with the Black Bean Soup, we were eager to try the vegan Green Lentil Soup. Both of us agreed that the garlic and ginger gave this lentil soup a really unique flavor, and we felt good knowing that in addition to the taste, it packed 13 grams of protein per serving (useful for recovery after a long trail run or hike.) Unlike other soups that sometimes leave us feeling hungry an hour after we’ve eaten, this one was hearty and kept us full long after dinner. Bonus: This dish can stand alone, but it’s fantastic paired with the lightly smoked Wild Salmon.


Patagonia’s ultra-tasty Wild Salmon is carefully harvested, thanks to years of research and partnerships with fish conservation organizations. It’s available in three flavors: original, black pepper, and lemon pepper. And as we mentioned above, this salmon pairs really nicely with the Savory Grains, Green Kale and Kamut. You can eat it right out of the bag – it’s already fully cooked – or you can reheat it in hot water for about 7 minutes (just keep it in the sealed bag while it’s warming). It’s also pretty delicious grilled, and we’ve loved the extra smoky flavor we’ve gotten when grilled on our wood-burning grill (check out our BioLite CampStove and Grill review for the delicious details). We’ve also enjoyed the salmon on saltine crackers on a recent camping trip, and it made the perfect snack!

Patagonia Provisions Wild Sockeye Salmon is lightly smoked and ultra-tasty, and is packed for easy cooking at the campsite or on backpacking adventures


This red bean chili is vegan and gluten free, and it’s full of hearty, robust flavors thanks to the addition of chipotle peppers and corn. Packed with tomatoes, red bell peppers and carrots, the Red Bean Chili is comfort food at its best: it’s the dish we turn to when we’re feeling a little homesick or road-weary, and it works every single time. We ate it most recently on a road trip when it started to rain, and we made this while hunkered down together in our RV.

Ultra-tasty and campsite friendly: Patagonia's new food line, Provisions, is organic, sustainably harvested and seriously delicious


Kamut Khorasan wheat was discovered in an Egyptian tomb and bred from just 36 surviving seeds (or so the legend says). We had no idea what it was (we admit, we had to look it up!) – but we can tell you that it’s extremely flavorful, nutritious and also filling, with a similar flavor profile as couscous. This vegan dish takes ten minutes to make and is packed with flavor from mushrooms, quinoa, kale, and onions. Savory Greens, Green Kale + Kamut is one of the meals that we crave even when we’re not camping or backpacking (and it’s great at home, too!).

Patagonia Provisions breakfasts that taste amazing and are easy to make


Okay, we were won over by this hot cereal mix. I made my mind up a long time ago about hot cereals, but once I smelled this cooking one morning, I decided to give the Tart Apple a try. It was delicious, tart yet also sweet. The apple flavor had me reaching for a bowl of my own after just one spoonful. In addition to the bits of fruit, this breakfast meal is also made with toasted buckwheat kasha, cracked whole barley, rolled oats and flax seed. It kept me full for hours and has totally changed my opinion about hot cereal.

The perfect campsite breakfast: Patagonia's new Provisions breakfast line includes organic hot cereals that are ultra-tasty and easy to make


After being pleasantly surprised with Patagonia’s other hot cereal mix, we were excited to give the Creamy Banana a try. Made with buckwheat kasha, cracked whole barley, rolled oats, flax seed, banana, and vanilla, we found it to be the perfect way to start our day. Because we were car camping and had salt and butter with us, we added a bit of both to this mix, and it ended up being the perfect addition to an already delicious breakfast.

Patagonia Provisions Fruit + Almond Bars

These bars are all made with organic ingredients, non-GMO fruit, almonds, chia seeds and fruit juice. They not only taste good but are good for you. If you’re like us, we’ve tried almost every energy/snack bar on the market – and it’s hard to find one that isn’t overly sweet or that tastes like dirt. These Fruit + Almond Bars are unique and delicious bars that we’ll be packing for many more future adventures, from trail running to hiking and road trips and skiing.


So many companies have tried to do something with apricot, and always seem to fall short. Patagonia wins it with this Apricot + Almond Bar. This bar is sweet but not overly so. The nutty flavor of the almond plays nicely with the ripe apricot flavor, and is the perfect bite of summer when you need a quick shot of energy while out on the trail.

Patagonia's new Provisions food line includes ultra-tasty organic Fruit and Almond Bars, the perfect trail snack for hiking, backpacking, camping, or trail running


We eat a lot of bananas and also eat a ton of mango, so needless to say, we were extremely excited to get our hands on the Mango + Almond Bar. It’s one of our favorite Patagonia Provisions snack bars, because it actually tastes like fresh mango instead of some weird knock-off mango flavoring. The chia seeds make for a really nice texture, too. We take them pretty much everywhere we go – even it’s just a half-day hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


This vegan and gluten free bar kept us going one afternoon on a recent hike up Mount Pisgah. We’d eaten a late breakfast but skipped lunch, and if it wasn’t for our slightly sweet, slightly sour Inca Berry + Almond Bars, we might have had to cut the hike short. Luckily we had these in our pack, and they helped keep our energy levels up. They were incredibly appetizing and didn’t leave that chalky aftertaste that some bars deliver.

Patagonia Provisions: review wrap-up

No matter the adventure, Patagonia Provisions has our meal and snack needs solved. Their soups, savory grains and breakfasts are all lightweight, easy to fix organic meals that come in packable packaging and only take about ten minutes to prepare. We highly recommend these meals as a way to participate in environmentally sustainable food practices, and as a delicious way to sustain your energy level when out on the trail.

So where can I find them?

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