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Greenbelly Meals offer a third of a day’s nutrition packed into tasty, trail-friendly bars, baked by a Georgia-based company founded by a former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker.

Georgia resident and former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Chris Cage recently launched Greenbelly, a company that bakes on-the-go trail nutrition in a convenient, no-prep-needed bar form. Unlike many backpacking meals and most trail bars, Greenbelly aims at providing balanced nutrition in each two-bar package, delivering a third of a day’s recommended calories, carbs, protein, fat, sodium, and fiber.

Greenbelly backpacking meals are a tasty, trail-friendly meal bar that offers a third of daily nutrition

We’ve been thoroughly disappointed by other meal replacement bars in the past. So we were only cautiously optimistic until we tried our first bar. Our first bite immediately changed our pre-conceived notions of odd flavors and dense, sticky texture. Greenbelly bars are refreshingly different: they’re actually really tasty, light, crunchy, and not too sweet.

Greenbelly backpacking meal bars: our trail-tested review

The bars are available in three flavor combos: Chocolate Banana, Peanut Apricot, and Cranberry Almond. All three are formulated by a food scientist and chef. How’s the flavor? The bars have an easy-to-eat, nutty, mellow flavor that’s not too sweet or salty, and they’ve got a crunchy, chopped texture that goes down easy. We’re not a fan of the pasty, sticky, gooey texture or the odd-flavored protein aftertaste that many trail bars have… and thankfully, Greenbelly bars offer both a pleasant texture and great flavor.

Greenbelly backpacking meal bars: our trail-tested review of these tasty & convenient meal replacement bars

The bars are packaged in a durable, easy-open pouch, and each pack contains two bars for easy eating on the trail. They’re a convenient, compact meal option for distance-focused endurance sports like trail running, backpacking, hiking, and cycling. They’re weight conscious, with each lightweight meal weighing under 6 ounces. And they’re lightweight in our stomachs, too: we find them easily digestible when we’re on the go, unlike the many trail nutrition bars that hit our stomachs like bricks.

Greenbelly backpacking meals: review wrap-up

Greenbelly provides a full day’s nutrition for a distance athlete on the trail. While we love their convenience for breakfast and lunch, we crave non-bar food by the end of the day, and usually fire up our GSI Pinnacle 4 Season Stove for a quick cooked meal after making camp. For the thru-hiker that’s concerned about weight, though, these bars would rock as a full-day meal plan. We can’t wait to fuel more of our adventures with these tasty, convenient trail bars.

So where can I find them?

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