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Good To-Go vegetarian and pescatarian backpacking meals prove trail food can be tasty. Handmade by an Iron Chef, these gourmet dehydrated meals add major ‘yum’ to our hiking and camping adventures.

Good To-Go meals elevate trail food to the next level: they’re crafted in Maine and chef-made with quality ingredients before they’re dehydrated for the trail. The gourmet dehydrated pouches are packed with restaurant-quality deliciousness and incredible flavor that left us blown away: they’re simply the best vegetarian backpacking meals we’ve tasted.

Our favorite vegetarian backpacking meals: Good To-Go Thai Curry and Classic Marinara with Penne

We admit we were dubious until we tried them. Typical dehydrated hiking and backpacking meals are packed with sodium and low on flavor, with that oh-so-common aftertaste that we’ve grown to hate. And our hiking group is mostly vegetarian or pescatarian, which leaves our options for trail-worthy meals even more limited. So with my interest peaked, we hit some of our favorite North Georgia backpacking trails with a few friends and a growing appetite.

Our Good To-Go vegetarian backpacking meals review

Good To-Go meals are incredibly restaurant-like, with cooked-at-home textures and vibrant flavor. It was love at first bite; well, actually, from the second we opened the Thai Curry pouch, catching a whiff of the scent of curry spices that instantly doubled our appetites.

Good To-Go was founded by Jennifer Scism, an ultra-talented, four-star-restaurant-seasoned chef whose many career accomplishments include beating Mario Batali on Food Network’s Iron Chef. They’re currently available in four flavors and vegetarian and pescatarian options. After sampling a few flavors, it’s clear that these meals solidly filled the void in quality vegetarian backpacking and hiking food, and filled it deliciously.

Good To-Go Classic Marinara with Penne: outstanding backpacking meals from an Iron Chef

Good To-Go Classic Marinara with Penne

Good To-Go’s Classic Marinara with Penne tastes like a traditional, simmered marinara with a brown rice penne that cooks al dente. Preparation of the marinara (as with all the meals) is about as easy as it gets: boil water on a trail stove (one of our favorites is the the Jetboil Flash). Pour boiling water into the water into the pouch. Re-seal the pouch, and wait 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, open the pouch. And then, deliciousness, enjoyed in the most beautiful surroundings that no restaurant (no matter the number of stars) could possibly match: a breezy, sunny mountain summit.

Good To-Go Thai Curry review: our favorite vegetarian and pescatarian camping and backpacking meals

Good To-Go Thai Curry

The Classic Marinara was incredibly delicious, no doubt. But our favorite was our second meal, the Thai Curry. It’s a spicy yellow coconut curry with veggies and jasmine rice, and authentic, incredibly tasty classic curry flavor. As with the marinara, boiling water and 20 minutes delivers a hearty and delicious meal; the curry is aromatic, with hand-ground curry spices, and packs a spicy kick with Thai chilis, mellowed by smooth coconut milk and a veggie mix of broccoli, cauliflower, peas, and green beans. This tasty dish had us from the moment we tore open the pouch, and an exotic scent of fresh-ground curry spices wafted over the lofty mountaintop on which we were standing. And the flavor? Our one-word review: outstanding.

Serving sizes and more flavors

The meals are available in single and double serving pouches. Though, with an all-day-on-the-trail appetite (and that incredible flavor), we’re more likely to reach for double pouches more often than singles. And Good To-Go is available in two other flavors that we’ve yet (but can’t wait) to try: the Herbed Mushroom Risotto and Smoked 3-Bean Chili.

And we can’t wait to see what flavors Good To-Go serves up next.

(UPDATE: check out our review of Good To-Go’s newest flavors, including Bibimbap, Mexican Quinoa Bowl, Granola, and Oatmeal for more truly delicious, gourmet backpacking meals from our favorite kitchen in Maine.)

Good To-Go vegetarian backpacking meals: review wrap-up

A long day on the trail leaves us starving. And after popping handfuls of granola, trail mix, and trail snacks, we’re left hungry for real food. Good To-Go meals are made from all-natural ingredients and hand-made before they’re dehydrated, and they boast short ingredient lists with recognizable ingredients. And they’re full-on, downright delicious. We strive to eat food this healthy and tasty at home, so why not on the trail?

So where can I find them?

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