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Take backcountry dining to a whole new level with these Iron-Chef-created, restaurant-worthy dishes. Our review of our four new favorite dishes from Good To-Go: Bibimbap, Mexican Quinoa Bowl, Oatmeal, and Granola.

We’ve been big fans of Good To-Go meals for years, and they’ve become a regular staple on our camping and backpacking adventures. Their outstanding, restaurant-quality flavors and textures surpass any other dehydrated meals we’ve tried in the past, and we love that they’re packed with healthy ingredients that keep us feeling full and energized while on the go. The Thai Curry is nothing short of incredible; get the skinny in our original Good To-Go vegetarian backpacking meals review.

Good To-Go backpacking meals review: our new favorite flavors crafted by an Iron Chef are restaurant-quality, vegetarian and pescatarian, and serioiusly deliciousGood To-Go is dehydrated for backpacking adventures, but big on flavor

Goodbye, dreadful, tasteless backpacking meals laced with abundant sodium and fake flavors. Hello, campsite cuisine that actually makes us excited for dinner, and has us craving breakfast as much as that first, magical cup of steaming coffee at daybreak. These four new additions to the Good To-Go lineup are seriously delish.

Good To-Go: our favorite new flavors

We were super stoked to see this line of backpacking meals expanded with the addition of two new savory dishes, Bibimbap and the Mexican Quinoa Bowl, and two breakfast options, Granola and Oatmeal. We took the opportunity to try them on recent adventures on the Appalachian Trail at Roan Mountain and Amicalola Falls, and were solidly impressed. As with our other Good To-Go favorites, the Thai Curry and the Indian Vegetable Korma, the flavors are rich and robust, complemented with exotic spices and seasonings and wholesome nuts, fruits, and berries.

Our favorite backpacking meals: Good To-Go's new Spicy Korean Bibimbap features veggies smothered in a traditional miso and Korean chili sauceGood To-Go Spicy Korean Bibimbap

Spicy Korean Bibimbap

Full of flavor and spicy goodness, the Spicy Korean Bibimbap is one of our new favorites. The dish packs tons of flavor into each bite with a combination of rice, carrots, spinach, and zucchini. It’s smothered in a spicy gochujang sauce, made from traditional miso and Korean chilis. The spicy finish makes this a great dish for cool nights around the campfire, and the veggies taste crisp and fresh. One word: outstanding.

Good To-Go backpacking meals review: the new Mexican Quinoa Bowl is outstanding, crafted by an Iron Chef of restaurant-quality ingredients and flavorsGood To-Go Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

We love this hearty dish and its complex profile of exotic spices, including cumin, coriander, and cinnamon, which fragrantly wafted from the package the second we ripped it open, instantly arousing our appetite. The Mexican Quinoa Bowl’s filling of quinoa and black beans keeps us feeling full and satisfied. And the flavors of mole and spices keep our taste buds happy, long after dinner is finished. Most restaurants would struggle to make something this delicious. Seriously.

Good To-Go Oatmeal review: our favorite breakfast food for the trail, a blend of oats, quinoa, chia, hemp, and flavored with tumeric and cardamom. A delicious way to watch the sun rise!Good To-Go Oatmeal


This is definitely not your standard instant oatmeal! It’s an energy-packed blend of oats, quinoa, chia seeds, and hemp, and it’s full of unexpected flavors like turmeric and cardamom. We loved the mellow flavors and the fact that it wasn’t overly sweet like most instant oatmeal. Good To-Go Oatmeal is filling, satisfying, and simply delicious.

Good To-Go Granola review: whole almonds, pecans, blueberries, figs, and rolled oats make this one of our favorite backpacking breakfastsGood To-Go Granola


For us, granola is standard fare when camping and backpacking, and we’ve tried tons of different brands and flavors. We can honestly say that the Good To-Go Granola is the best we’ve tried. Unlike other brands, Good To-Go doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. It’s filled with whole almonds, pecans, dried blueberries, figs, and rolled oats. Whole milk and maple syrup give the granola just the right touch of sweetness, and it can be prepared hot (our favorite) or cold. It’s the perfect start to a day of adventure.

Good To-Go’s new menu additions: review wrap-up

Good To-Go’s newest creations are simply delicious. Packed with restaurant-worthy flavors and all natural, healthy ingredients, these are, by far, the best backpacking meals and trail food we’ve had the pleasure of eating.

So where can I find them?

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